24 hour notice for cancellations

Customers will be charged $50 for missed and/or last minute cancellations on appointments booked for an hour or over.

** Clients with more than a 3 hour appointment **
A 48 hour notice must be given for cancellations due to length of appointment time. Full charge for missed or canceled without 48 hours notice.

A charge of $50 will be added to your future appointments for; No-Show or missed appointments. (Failure to arrive for scheduled appointment) Excessively late. (3 or more times in a row) Extremely late for an appointment (The time remaining does not comply with recommended service time scheduled), Appointments cancelled without a 24-hour notice.  In some cases of habitual no shows the client will be asked to pay for the majority / full price appointment to book it.

As a professional Hair Designer, my personal and professional income is based solely upon services provided to YOU, my clients. Arriving on time for your scheduled professional service insures the proper time necessary to comfortably complete your services and the services of others as they arrive on schedule throughout the day. Missed appointments cause another client to miss out on that scheduled time.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter.


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