So You Say You Want Fashion Colors...

First you have to understand that this a huge commitment


Please make sure to check with your place of employment if it’s OK for you to have fashion colored hair if you do not find this out and approach your hairdresser because you got in trouble at work expect to be fully charge to fix it! Not your hairdresser’s problem! She did her job.

FIRST- what is a direct dye?

Direct dyes require no oxidation.

There’s no developer used.

What color you put on is the color you get.

I always say they directly go in and they directly come out.  Lol

bleachPretty much every professional hair care  has a direct dye line as well, no one is better than the next they all last about the same amount of time. With that being said I only wash my hair twice a week, and use viral color enhancing shampoo. For my color hair I use purple lavender and silver.  You can imagine the mess is creates in my shower.  I recommend Clorox foaming bleach to take this out.

I also work out five days a week and I am a sweaty girl but I don’t let that deter me. I’m not washing my hair to ruin my color so I just blow dry the  sweat out of it, yea I know gross, and use a dry shampoo to absorb the oils. Find one that works for you.

Overly washing your hair will remove the direct dyes from your hair.  Chemicals and chlorine from swimming will pull them right out of your hair.  This is a no-fault to your hairdresser this is your fault of you.

Proper care needs to be taken when you have direct dyes in your hair. Which means washing as little as possible trying to stay away from heat products. Moisturizing and proper care and use of Olaplex will also help.  Your stylist can create an Olaplex bomb for you as well if you only have 1 fashion color. If you get darker colors like purple or dark blue you can rest assure you won’t be wearing a white shirt anytime soon.  It will also stain your bedding, but nothing a little bleach can’t take out.

Heat will remove direct dyes so make sure that you use a heat protector and that you lower the temperature of your heat tool

Lighter colors have less pigment so therefore they stay a less amount of time darker colors have more pigment so therefore they will stay a little bit longer. Less washing will also help keep your direct dies in your hair for a longer time and washing in cold water is a must!

Most of my clients come in every 6 to 8 weeks to get their vivids refreshed.  To get vivid colors or direct dyes you must pre-lighten the hair that would be with lightener (bleach). I always tell my clients embrace the fade you’ll have a new hair color every time you wash it.

I alternate my shampoos with a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner as well. So here’s my regiment; When I wash I either use the viral color enhancing shampoo or my sulfate free shampoo and conditioner  and let that sit on my hair for three minutes (viral only) and then rinse it out and condition. I let my hair towel dry and I apply Olaplex number three a dime size to my hair and I let that sit for 10 minutes before I blow dry.  I use a leave in conditioner. I like Matrix total results 20 miracle creator. I proceed to blow dry my hair and then use a heat protectant to style it.

Fashion colors are not cheap and they are not cheap to maintain if you’re going to a reputable stylist they’re probably going to charge you anywhere from $200-$400 or more (depending on what you get done) a full head. That’s not just the first time that’s every time. It’s a lot of work and they take anywhere from 3 to 5 hours to complete.  Be prepared to spend quite a bit of money on your hair – you just bought a Lamborghini and you wouldn’t go to the dollar store to buy car wax, same thing for your hair.  Good product will keep your hair from fading and by good product I don’t mean anything you bought from target or Walmart or any of the big chain stores.  It could be bad or not even real!

Buy your hair care products from your professional stylist only. With the proper care you can get your fashion colors the last 6 to 8 weeks.  AND please for the love of god do not use SPLAT!!

Your hair is the crown you wear!