To Buy or Not To Buy...

Let’s first talk about how this industry is turning. We use to work in commission salons where we made 50% of what we did and 10% product sales. The industry has been changing the past years into booth rental where stylists take on supplying everything for themselves. Everything! Color, product, rent, heath insurance and retirement. This is a huge investment and it’s only one person taking all this on.

We stock our shelves with the best of the best product. And it it’s because we don’t trust the products at stores like Walmart or Target. Did you know that most of that product is either discontinued, old, or repackaged. You are not getting what you pay for. And further more maybe priced at a crazy price.  More than your salon would charge you.  Have you ever noticed the label says only guaranteed if sold by a licensed cosmetologist.  Ever think why?

Ulta is another example, they have great products we trust, but when you buy product from a huge corporation like Ulta you are just feeding that huge corporation.  Do you know the expense that goes into stocking our shelves with the cost? And then no one buys it?   You tell your stylist I’ll just get it at Ulta ….or Walmart. 😳

What do you get when you shop at most of these stores? It isn’t even the real thing. It was repackaged.

This is called product diversion.

The beauty industry is fighting hard to stop this but with the internet it is impossible to track all these people down that are diverting product.  You can read more about product diversion here

It really hurts us as stylist when you do this.  I want to offer my clients the best of the best in all price ranges. So this is money I put out; and then you went to a chain store to feed the man with your money. How about feed that one person who makes you even more beautiful every 6 weeks.  So just keep this in mind.



Saturday November 26th
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